Wet & Forget Moss Stain Remover

July 2014

Wet & Forget is EPA registered and is simple, safe and effective at removing moss, mold, mildew and algae stains from any outdoor surface.  Wet & Forget is non-caustic, non-acidic and does not contain bleach.  Simply dilute the concentrate and apply with a regular garden sprayer. No pre-treating, rinsing, scrubbing or power washing is needed.  Each time it rains, Wet & Forget safely and gently removes surface growth.  Most applications last for a year or more.  It is safe to apply around plants and vegetation.  Available in 1/2 gallon size.  Now you will be able to eliminate those dark stains safely.

Be Prepared

July 2014

     Every year more than 350,000 homes are struck by fire.  By following  a few easy steps you can help reduce the chances of a blaze damaging your home or injuring a loved one.  Having smoke & carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers properly placed on each level of your home can be the single most important practice you can follow. The detectors should be tested and cleaned monthly and have their battery replaced at least once a year.  Be sure the pressure gauge on the fire extinguishers are monitored monthly for proper levels.  Matches, lighters and flammable chemicals should be safely stored and out of reach of children.  Never overload an electrical outlet and keep any space heaters away from furniture and curtains.   Be sure the lint screen on the clothes dryer is cleaned and the filters on your furnace are changed regularly.  Homes with more than one story should also have an escape ladder.  Being prepared is not an accident, with proper planning and practice, tragedies can be prevented.  Stop by today and discuss with our staff the appropriate smoke & carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguisher and safety equipment that will meet your needs and have your home safer. 

4-stroke outboard oil now stocked in Lake Sunapee area

July 2014

With all the new four stroke outboard motors being offered comes the requirement for specialized oil.  Quick Silver Marine Lubricants has engineered a performance SAE 10w-30 oil formula with special additives that stand up to the rigors of the marine environment.  Plus it will protect the internal engine components against corrosion, friction and reduces piston ring deposits.  Available in two size containers you’ll find it in our Marine department.  Happy Boating and clean.

Chemical-Free Cleaning with Only Water…Fabulous Cloths

July 2014

Chemical-Free Cleaning Cloths

WEST SYSTEM Epoxy Products available in the Lake Sunapee – New London Area

July 2014

West System

WEST SYSTEM products are the premium epoxy adhesives for many coating and gluing applications.  Very accurate dispensing pumps allow only the correct amount of resin & hardener to be mixed for the best performance.  WEST SYSTEM are designed to be versatile and easy to use allowing on-site mixing of epoxy and fillers in the specific formulations needed for the various jobs.   Available in a variety of sizes our marine department will surely have all the components you will need to get your project done right.  Be sure to stop by to see.    www.westsystem.com

The Miracle of Mad Dog Primer in New London

September 2013

     Mad Dog Primers are very unique. This product grips on to problem areas such as door and window frames, peeling siding, rusty metal, cracking plaster, shower ceilings, deck railings like glue and remains flexible. It contracts when its cold, expands when it’s hot, and also breathes better than most latex coatings. For a few dollars more than your traditional primer, you could effectively double or triple the life of your next project. Come in and we will show you first hand the many advantages gained by using earth-friendly Mad Dog Primer