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July 2014

It’s never too early to start your holiday shopping! We have more than 35,000 items in stock! There’s bound to be the perfect gift or gadget for all those special people on your list and in your life!

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Botanical Rodent Repellent arrives in New London

July 2014


Fresh Cab

Fresh Cab is the first Botanical Rodent Repellent made available to the general public that freshens the air and at the same time repels rodents in enclosed storage areas.  It repels by an odor that is offensive to rodents, but not to humans and can be used effectively for up to 30 days.  One pouch will treat 8 square feet.  Great for autos, R.V.s, airplanes, boats, tractors, electric junction boxes and closed storage areas.  Its active ingredient is balsam fir oil  which is a natural pesticide.  Here’s an alternative to Moth Balls.  Now available in a four pouch box.   Stop by today to discuss this new product with Laurie next time you’re in New London.

Weber Grills with Sizzle both Gas & Charcoal

July 2014

Weber Sizzle

Discover AURA

September 2012

Lets Talk Preserving!

May 2012


Lets Talk Eco-Friendly Paint

March 2012

Eco-Friendly Paint

Try on New Colors

February 2012

Our New Website Tag

February 2011

Here is our new website TAG from Microsoft.  Now you can check in with us anytime from any where that you have your smart phone. Get the free mobile app at http://gettag.mobi. So very cool.

Shop Locally!

June 2010

30/50 Ad

Success seems to be a journey not a destination.  Every day we travel along creating new excitement and adventures for both our staff and customers.  Obstacles are viewed as challenges and challenges lead to rewards.  Recession Retailing has brought about a new form of business with every action and decision leading to more evaluation.  A new mindset has been developed that many of us in the retailing world are discussing.  3/50 Project has been developed and implemented by many main street retailers as a mindset and discipline to help generate more foot traffic to our places of business.  The concept is a joint endorsement by both community retailers and residents.  Its principle concept is for all members of a community to select 3 main-street businesses each month & pledge to themselves to spend a minimum of $50 for that month at each of the stores.  In turn each of the retailers pledge to do the same.  The project has found astounding impact and results that have increased the health of the communities that have gotten involved with this concept and the success rate of independent stores has improved.  A little help goes a long way.  To learn more about this exciting but simple concept please go to www.the350project.net.  Many of us in your town already practice these principles.  Thank you

Get More Sizzle

May 2010

Get More Sizzle