Independent & Local Businesses Strengthen Our Community Fabric

December 2014

The whole is only as strong & complete as its supporting parts.  A smooth running machine only operates well when all its components are maintained and serviced.  A community will only continue to prosper as long as all of  its fabric is constantly strengthened.  The three elements are the identification, action & result of a community supported commerce.  By just thinking about the businesses in our town that we are fortunate to have is time well spent for everyone.

3 is just a starting point.  It can be three or even thirty three community businesses that we each can identify that would be  true losses if they were not able to remain in operation.  Not only would we lose the ability to quickly run uptown to buy that one item we need but we would also lose their financial support to our special interest groups.  Ever asked for support to a golf tournament and been turned down by any community business?   Think about that little extra effort that was done the last time we needed a little extra help;  staying open a little later so we can pick up that one item to finish the project or get to the social gathering with the clean suit.  How about the knowledge of the staff  who has first hand experience with the item or has read the book you are looking for?  How about the time they let you borrow the item instead of buying it for that quick fix or really listened to you when you felt the price of an item was out of line, or when the purchased item failed and they took it back with no questions asked?  More importantly is the fact that we can talk with the owner of the business almost any time and they will say ‘Thank you, we appreciate your business’. These are just a few threads of our community fabric which makes our town so special.  I am sure you can think of your own experiences that bring a smile to your face.

50 dollars, 200 quarters, 500 dimes, 1000 nickels or 5000 pennies sure is not a lot when compared to the big picture of our financial month.  By just spending $50 a month in our local community we are investing in the future of our town.  Buying an extra coffee, filling up our car’s gas tank or being sure our medical prescriptions are filled in town assures us that these businesses will be around for another day.  It is just like that penny jar we all have on our bureau that we add the pocket change to every day.  Over time those little increments add up to a huge contribution.  By investing in our community’s businesses we are investing in ourselves and our town’s fabric is staying strong.

68 may just seem like a number but in this example it is the amount from 100 that is returned directly and indirectly to our community.  Through taxes, payroll and other expenditures of our businesses $68 of each $100 purchase stays here.  In addition to this, think about the fact the bank deposits of independently, locally owned businesses are kept in the local banking system so they can use the money for mortgages, personal loans & local investing.  Now think amount the money trail of a national chain: their nightly deposits are sent right away to the corporate office, where ever that might be, but most likely not in the town where the store operates.  So nothing is left behind for the banker to use in our community.  Pretty grim tale.  Buying online ?….enough said.

1 is the number of persons needed to keep the momentum of this concept going.  Community Strength involves all of us;  Consumers, fellow Businesses, Institutions and Municipalities are all in this together.  So next time we are writing a product requisition or looking for a little help think about our town’s quilt.   By supporting our independently owned business our community’s  fabric will remain and continue to be strong & healthy.

Pick 3.  Spend 50.  Support our local economy.  Join the project today.

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Colonial Classic Dinner Candles

November 2013

Colonial Candle

The gold standard for fine candles for over 100 years, The Colonial classic taper candles are made with exceptional molded detail from the highest quality creamy wax.  They are true to their color from the outer layer all the way through to their center core.  The taper design insures a smooth, clean-burning, virtually drip-less candle that burns slowly and evenly for approximately 7 hours.  Available in single quantities or mix-n-match 12 for a savings.   Quality does always outshine bargains.  Let Jen show you all the colors and lengths available next time you’re here.  Colonial Candles of Cape Cod for every occasion and last the measurement of time.

Lets Talk Fun with Backyard Games!

July 2012

Fun & Games

Happy Holidays

December 2010

Christmas Card

All of us at Clarke’s Hardware wish you a joyous holiday season and a

heartfelt thank you for allowing us to fullfill your hardware needs.

Conducting business in the New London area is truly a privilege. It is

where “community” continues to have real meaning. It is where

customers are friends and neighbors. It is where support and ongoing

encouragement extended to our staff is always appreciated. It is why we

are committed to providing outstanding products, service and advice.

Therefore, the upcoming holiday season turns our grateful thoughts to

you, who have made our progress possible. In this spirit we sincerely say:

Thank You and Best Wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year!

Light Up The Holidays Today & Save

November 2010

Blue Bag SpecialLook what’s going on now with the Destination New London Blue Bag.  Big Savings and lots of community support Today November 20th.

You will save 50% on the cost of your holiday Christmas Light Sets with the use of your Blue Bag.  Just by bringing your Destination New London Blue Bag to the store this Saturday you will be able to sack away the savings for the holidays.  Choose from LED, Clear, Multi-color & Illuminated stars and icicles all in time for the Christmas Season.   Does it get any better than this?!  See you  at Clarke’s.

The Blue Destination New London Bag is your ticket

November 2010

Search high and low,  look in every closet, under each chair plus the trunk of the car for your Blue New London Bags because exciting things are coming for this holiday season and the blue bag is your ticket to savings and success.  Share it with friends, neighbors & family that shopping with your home town stores, restaurants and shops is going to be the best means to truly enjoy the spirit of the Christmas season and assure the spirit of giving all year long.  United we  stand, together we grow, divided we fall.

Destination New London,  Small Business Saturday, the3/50project and you are all focused on the same objective.  See you around town with your blue bag.   Don’t have one yet???  Be sure to stop by any of the businesses in town to get one.

Happy Holiday Season to you all.

20% Off B.Y.O.B. Sale, Saturday Feb 27th

February 2010

Blue Bag

Be sure to dust off the Blue New London Bag and bring it to Clarke’s Hardware this Saturday the 27th.  We are having a 20% off sale for the day.  BYOB ( Bring Your Own Bag – the blue community bag) and receive a 20% savings on almost anything* that can fit into the Blue Bag.  Stock up on last minute winter goods or get a jump on spring with garden seeds, soils, paint or rakes.   Can’t find your blue bag?? No problem; we have plenty to share.  All of us at Clarke’s are looking forward to seeing you then.    (See the sale restrictions* at the store)   Happy Shopping.