Botanical Rodent Repellent arrives in New London

July 2014


Fresh Cab

Fresh Cab is the first Botanical Rodent Repellent made available to the general public that freshens the air and at the same time repels rodents in enclosed storage areas.  It repels by an odor that is offensive to rodents, but not to humans and can be used effectively for up to 30 days.  One pouch will treat 8 square feet.  Great for autos, R.V.s, airplanes, boats, tractors, electric junction boxes and closed storage areas.  Its active ingredient is balsam fir oil  which is a natural pesticide.  Here’s an alternative to Moth Balls.  Now available in a four pouch box.   Stop by today to discuss this new product with Laurie next time you’re in New London.

Use No Spill Gas Cans to Avoid This

July 2014

No Spill Gas Can

17 million gallons of gasoline are spilled each year during refueling of lawn equipment according to the EPA.  This can be avoided by using a No-Spill gas can and not topping off the gas tanks when refueling lawn mowers, trimmers, and other power tools.   This is not your average gas can!  No-Spill  Research has manufactured the most user-friendly, EPA compliant fuel can on the market today.  It’s professional quality construction will provide you with a very long service life.  Being self venting and self sealing allows a safe & easy pouring system.  It’s thumb button control lets you decide how fast and how long the fluids will flow.  The No-Spill fuel can comes with a no questions asked lifetime guarantee so if it leaks or fails in normal use, we simply replace it.  Stop by today and see the real difference between No-spill fuel cans and the others. has all the details.

Propane Tank Safety for Worry Free Grilling

April 2014

With warmer weather approaching it is time to set up the deck and check out the grill.  More importantly, be sure to review the condition of your propane tank as well as its date of manufacture.

For safety, always keep propane tanks in their upright position and they should only be transported & stored in a well ventilated area.  Be sure to always close and cap the valve.  NEVER leave a tank in a hot environment.  You may want to purchase a milk crate to help stabilize the tank when it is not being used.

Damaged tanks and expired tanks can not be refilled.  Look them over for any dents, gouges corrosion, rust or bulges.  Propane tanks only have a useful life of twelve years before they need to be replaced or re-certified.  Be sure to check the manufactured date located on the collar of the tank.  Any tanks that were made prior to this current month in 2002 can no longer be filled.

Respecting the properties and dangers of propane fuel will lead to the safe use and handling of it.  Enjoy the summer but play it safe when transporting and cooking with propane.

Livingston Garden Seeds are here.

February 2014

From the catalog  of the company we are sharing their history, strategies  and beliefs.  Their dedication to perfection still leads today in delivering the most successful seed collection & selection for  gardeners.  Let Laurie show you all of the items you’ll need to get your garden started.

“Livingston Seed was founded in 1850 by Alexander Livingston. Mr. Livingston developed the first reliable tomato variety and cultivated a total of 31 varieties under the name “Buckeye Garden Seed Company”. The first of these was the Paragon, introduced in 1870. However, in Mr. Livingston’s day tomatoes were generally thought poisonous. In fact, tomatoes were prized more as exotic ornamental than edibles.

As Buckeye Garden Seed Company, Mr. Livingston first tried hybridization, and eventually began a careful selection of traits from generation to generation. Eventually his hard work fine-tuned the tomato into the fruit we know today.

With the economic crash of 1876, the company filed for bankruptcy. It was Mr. Livingston’s son, Robert who reformed the company under the name “A.W. Livingston’s Sons” and continued his father’s success. In 1898, the company was incorporated as “Livingston’s Seed Company” and continued as a family run business until 1979. Alexander Livingston’s great-grandson, Alan, sold the business to Mr. Forest Randolph. He changed the name to “Superior Seed Company”, but Mr. Randolph’s ownership was brief. By 1980 Mr. Robert Johnston had acquired the company and changed the name back to Livingston Seed Company.

Over the years, Livingston Seed has evolved greatly. Originally the business was only in bulk seed offering grass seed, vegetable, and flower seed, as well as bulk seed displays. As the company grew, Mr. Johnston saw opportunity in the packet seed market. In 1998 he began to develop a seed packet line which would eventually grow to include 12 different collections and over 500 varieties.

Today, Livingston Seed offers an expansive range of vegetable and flower seeds in both packets and bulk, as well as many display options. Livingston Seed has continued to search out new varieties, merchandising, and packaging all designed with you and your customer in mind.”

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Lets Talk Fun with Backyard Games!

July 2012

Fun & Games

Hummingbirds Feeders & More

July 2012

Lets Talk Preserving!

May 2012


D.I.Y. Fall Planting

October 2010

WORX Lithium Powered garden tools have arrived

September 2010

The ECO alternative; Emission-free, low noise, no tune-up and starts with the push of a button, First time. Every time. The WORX  line up of trimmers, blowers and mowers are the most versatile garden tools in the world.  The Trimmer /Edger is ergonomically designed offering  a fatigue-free operation for trimming grasses, edging around bushes and in confined spaces.The WORX Trivac is a three in one design blower/mulch/vacuum for all your yard work.  Delivering 210mph air volume at the nozzle provides plenty of power to clear the debris out of your way;  light weight as well at only 8.4lbs.   View the full line on and come see us to take a look at the new generation of tools.