Discover AURA

September 2012

MAD DOG Primer available in New London

April 2012

MAD DOG Primer is a revolutionary, low VOC  paint preparation product designed for problem areas and applications with challenges.  It’s Weather Smart technology allows it to be applied to many surfaces in many conditions under a broad range of extreme repair.  The primer is tint-able, water clean-up, breathable and very, very flexible.  Look at web site  for full details.  Stop by to discuss this new product with our sales staff.  It will save you time.

Lets Talk Eco-Friendly Paint

March 2012

Eco-Friendly Paint

Let’s Do It Again for FREE:: Experience the Clark & Kensington Quality of Paint

March 2012

As we continue to introduce the many new features of Clark & Kensington Paint to our area we feel a free sample will be the best method for all to give it a try.  The new technology of having the primer and the top coat of paint all blended together in one is a great advantage and an easy application for any paint project.  Be sure to stop by and talk with Kevin about all the greatness of Clark & Kensington.

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Aura Paint….Simply the finest paint

March 2012

Aura Interior Paint delivers truer, richer colors & performance without compromise.  It is available in a variety of colorful hues and features special technology that keeps these colors permanently locked in with superior hiding qualities, easy application and drying capabilities.  Stop by today and talk with Kevin about all of Aura’s wonderful advantages.  It is quite simply the finest paint Benjamin Moore has ever made.

Try on New Colors

February 2012